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Welcome to Seven Leaf, the first 100% Indigenous owned and operated cannabis producer licensed by Health Canada on First Nation territory.   Join us as Seven Leaf utilizes traditions a thousand generations in the making to create something new and different from what has come before.  

On September 27, 2018 Seven Leaf proudly opened the doors of our brand new, state of the art cannabis production facility on Akwesasne Mohawk land. 

Join us as we share our exciting story, meet our team, and support our growth as a premier First Nations model for opportunity and success.






Our Mohawk executive leadership team brings together a wealth of knowledge drawn from a diverse set of professional backgrounds including law enforcement, legal, horticulture, business management, and pharmaceutical.




Carey is a local Akwesasne entrepreneur with success across many different sectors, including restaurants, gas stations, manufacturing, construction, and retail. As Chief Operating Officer, he drives the vision of Seven Leaf while overseeing several projects and operations. The knowledge and intuition that he brings to the team plays a critical role in guiding Seven Leaf to become a leading cannabis company.   He is also the founder of the Strong Roots Charitable Foundation, which is focused on providing support to empower and enrich the lives of First Nations youth and elders with a focus on health and safety.

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As President, Lewis serves as a Responsible Person (RP) and License Holder on our Health Canada license. As a former Chief of Police, Lewis brings 23 years of experience from the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service. As a local community member, Lewis has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to the team. Being raised with an appreciation for traditional medicines, Lewis seeks to create synergy between honoring tradition and providing community members with natural alternatives.



Legal Affairs & Government Relations

Lorraine serves as our Chief Legal Advisor and Government Relations Officer responsible for overseeing legal matters and representing the company in various federal, provincial and inter-tribal governmental forums. Additionally, she is designated as an alternate Responsible Person (RP) for purposes of our Health Canada license. Lorraine is a renowned attorney and solo practitioner with an extensive history in both the practice of law as well as Tribal politics/governance. She was previously appointed as the General Counsel of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe and was the youngest female ever elected to serve as Chief on the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council. With her extensive legal, business and unique political experience, Lorraine brings not only a wealth of knowledge but a distinctive First Nation perspective into the burgeoning cannabis industry.   




It guides all of our decision-making.

As a community-driven company, the good health and well-being of our Mohawk people and surrounding communities is at the core of our business model. It guides us as we make decisions about our company on a foundational level.

Akwesasne (Land Where the Partridge Drums) is situated on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River. Our community is unique, dynamic, and alive with culture. Although our lands straddle the international borders of Ontario, Quebec, and New York State, we proudly remain one community and one people.


OUR VALUEs Keep us on our path to future prosperity.

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For generations, Indigenous communities have relied on environmentally sound practices and nature-based remedies for health ailments. Seven Leaf is dedicated to providing all natural high quality products.


The Seven Leaf Team is deeply rooted in the Akwesasne community. We take tremendous pride in our first nations territory and believe in providing advancement and growth opportunities for a strong and prosperous future.


Seven Leaf is dedicated to growing the highest quality cannabis as well as growing with our employees and community.





The story of Seven Leaf began with ideas and then words and then action. We are a team of like-minded, motivated Mohawk professionals who believe that the ultimate success of Seven Leaf lies in the pride of our entire team. Our motto is “happy people grow happy plants!”


The emerging recreational cannabis industry presents exceptional opportunities for local Indigenous communities. As a company with a community-driven focus, we seek to ensure that the current and future generations will benefit as this new and exciting industry takes root.

Investing In A Better Future

The decision to start Seven Leaf was an easy one. We knew our goal to become an industry leader would take time, which is why before launching, we spent years researching the cannabis industry. Having done so, we now leverage a holistic understanding of cannabis cultivation in every decision we make. 

Our genuine appreciation for this amazing plant and our holistic approach to the cultivation process is why our facility houses a true state-of-the-art growing experience. Anything less would be unfit to produce and maintain an optimum indoor growing experience. Within 24 months, we are projecting to expand to 100,000 sq. ft. of canopy space.

Economic sustainability is a crucial part of our business model. At full capacity, we expect to provide full-time jobs to no less than 150+ local employees, while infusing approximately $8 million in payroll into the local community annually.

Cultivating Excellence

Our current product offering includes a variety of the finest cannabis strains available. Each strain is meticulously hand-crafted to ensure the utmost quality and ultimate effectiveness. You will find information and availability for current strains on Our Brands page. We look forward to offering high quality cannabis oils and concentrates once our initial cultivation goals are met, as well as a variety of edible products once permitted by Health Canada regulations.



thousands of years in the making.

we are mohawks of akwesasne.

Mohawks have a rich history of living in harmony with the land and its natural resources. Traditionally, we were hunters, fishermen, and farmers. Today, we continue to have a unique and long relationship with Mother Earth and everything that grows from her.

For centuries, our people have strived to obtain and maintain the delicate balance between agriculture and the utilization of our natural resources. By way of example, our traditional crop of corn, beans, and squash — The Three Sisters — represents one of our inherent connections to the circle of life. Specifically, the Three Sisters style of crop planting creates a balanced growing environment with each plant complementing one another by simultaneously replenishing nutrients to create sustainable and fertile soil. This is also the type of plant knowledge, sensitivity, and balance that we strive to apply and achieve in all of our cannabis cultivation practices.

Our rich history, traditions, and respect for our environment continues to serve as the very foundation of all that is Seven Leaf.