a thousand years in the making.

we are mohawks of akwesasne.

Mohawks have a rich history of living in harmony with the land and its natural resources. For centuries, our people have perfected the craft of creating balance between agriculture and natural resources. Our main crop of corn, beans, and squash — or The Three Sisters — represents our inherent connection to the circle of life. The Three Sisters style of crop planting creates a balanced growing environment which each plant complimenting one another and simultaneously replenishing nutrients to create sustainable soil fertility. This is the same approach we take to our cannabis cultivation practices. 

Akwesasne was founded in the mid-1700s by Mohawk families who settled along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Today, Akwesasne is home to 12,000 Mohawks who live throughout the communities territory that straddles the US/Canadian border. 

Akwesasne has the largest population of Mohawks out of all its sister territories. As a people, our numbers are strong and we continue to grow each year. However, we face many issues as a society such as poverty, education, and health. Our vision is to create a new economy for our community and surrounding areas. We want to provide jobs and economic stability for our people so we can elevate our overall quality of life.